My name is Brian Harris Berg. A science enthusiast, an avid traveler, a film producer, and an attorney with over 20 years of experience.

About Me

Brian has over 20 years of business experience, including running a real estate investment company and engaging in a range of other interests. In his teenage years, Brian developed a passion for travel.

He has since traveled to more than 75 countries, meeting people from diverse cultures, achieving new personal milestones, and affecting lives through charitable activities. Some of the notable achievements in his extensive travels include reaching the peak of Kilimanjaro, raising funds for orphans in Cambodia, and meeting with astronomers in the Atacama Desert in Northern Chile (https://www.aaa.org).

A person of multiple hats, Brian also runs a blog – Cell Keys Wallet (CellKeysWallet.com) – that helps individuals identify their goals and create strategies to achieve them. He is also President of the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York (https://www.aaa.org), an organization that promotes the study of Astronomy, and  writes a monthly column for the organization’s newsletter, Eyepiece.

Brian’s knowledge of the law, business experience, passion for art, and ability to manage projects and people have helped shape him into a consummate film producer. One of his successful projects in the film industry is The Luring (TheLuring.com), a globally acclaimed psychological thriller set in Vermont.

As a staunch advocate for healthy living, Brian plays team sports every week and walks and runs not less than 12,000 steps a day to stay in good shape. Links to Brian’s various endeavors can be found at BrianBergSpeaks.com.